This short horror game has been created for Jim Jam 2018, and is inspired by the paranoia and self-doubt of the movie 'It Follows'.  The game puts you in a strange, minimal environment with wandering NPCs. One of them is coming for you, but you don't know which. Find a gun, find a bullet, and race against the clock to escape! The game has a focus on atmosphere, with an original dynamic soundtrack and disorientating visual style.

It's also my first ever published game, so sorry in advance that it burned your eyes/melted your cpu/keyed your car/was boring.

A handful of assets were used in the creation of this entry:

sound assets (footsteps, radiostatic,gunshot)

Visual assets (npc, pistol, chest)

Scripting assets (headtracking script)

Music, procedural level design, game mechanics, concept and bugs are all my own doing!

It's 5am where I am now, so proper description is probably to follow.

AuthorScruffiest Bear
Made withUnity